12 Days of Giving

Outdoor Activities: 12 Days of Giving

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Make a box filled with "secret" good deeds!
You Will Need
  • A parent or guardian
  • A shoebox (plus cool stuff like paper, sparkles, glue to decorate with)
  • Slips of paper and a pen

Get your friends or family and make up 12 different good deeds to do together around your home, yard, or neighborhood.

Pick one out of the box every day!

If you can, keep some of your good deeds secret - make sure your parents and gaurdians know what you're doing. Come up with good deeds you want to do that fit your climate and situation.

Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • Secretly shovel the sidewalks or water plants for the neighbors
  • Check the cupboards and collect 10 cans of food to drop off in the Holiday hamper at a local store
  • Pick put a new toy at the mall and take it to the Toy Drive
  • Go through toys you don't use and give them away
  • Bake Rockhopper cookies and drop them off at a friend's doorstep


Use your imagination to come up with more secret deeds!

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