G's Secret Mission

#2 G's Secret Mission

Agent G asks his Secret Agents to solve a riddle. They'll use their spy phone and head to the Ski Mountain - all the signs are in code! When they are decoded, they'll head back to G to give him the secret word. Agents are now ready to begin the mission - test drive Gary's prototype sled. 

Agents can: 

  • take the sled down the mountain, and crash!
  • wake up in the wilderness
  • check out the Survival Guide
  • collect O'berries and make friends with a black puffle
  • find a pot and a stream
  • use the ski, rope and an O'berry to make a fishing pole
  • catch a fish, find a cave, collect a log, start a fire ring (help from your black puffle with his fire and puffle o), burn the survival guide
  • cook the fish, sleep and have jetpack penguin come in for the rescue